Apricot Chicken

Original Recipe HERE (and, similarly, HERE)

I first made this recipe several years ago when we were having a party and I needed something that was (1) easy to make, and (2) would "hold" well while I made any other last-minute dishes that had to be served immediately.  It turned out so well that I made it again, in a much larger quantity, for Husband's end-of-tour ceremony and celebration.  Party of 50, catered by a party of one...I still pat myself on the back for that one.  Anyway, there isn't anything "special" about this, but in my experience, it's a solid, crowd-pleasing dish.

Other crunchy-type vegetables can be substituted.  I serve this over brown rice, since there's plenty of sauce to go around.  And speaking of the sauce, I most recently made it with French dressing because that was what I had.  I read that it can also be made with Catalina.

4 skinless, boneless chicken breasts
2/3 cup apricot preserves
1 packet Lipton onion soup mix
3/4 cup Russian salad dressing
1/2 onion, sliced
1 green pepper, sliced
olive oil

(1) Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
(2) Slice chicken into large strips (tenders).  In large pan, heat about 2 Tablespoons olive oil over medium heat.  Add chicken and brown on all sides.  Put chicken in casserole dish.
(3) Add more olive oil to pan if necessary.  Add onion and pepper in pan; heat over medium to medium-high heat and sear for several minutes, tossing often.  Vegetables should be slightly browned but still crispy.  Layer vegetables over chicken.
(4) In small bowl, whisk soup mix, dressing, and preserves.  Pour over chicken and vegetables.
(5) Cover casserole dish.  Cook 25-30 minutes, or until chicken is cooked through.

Kid Participation: None.

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