Veggie Pizza Appetizers

This is a dish for which I pulled inspiration from several sources...several years ago.  It's a "make it up as you go to suit your own taste" kind of thing.  But it's always a hit at parties because people feel good about themselves for eating something loaded with vegetables.  It justifies going back for seconds (or fifths) of the queso dip or barbecue meatballs.  Using a variety of colorful vegetables - and chopping them very small so no one veggie dominates a particular slice of the pizza - draws attention to this appetizer.

Ingredients for "Sauce"
2 tubes crescent rolls
8 oz low-fat cream cheese [or to taste]
4 oz low-fat sour cream [or to taste]
bottled ranch dressing [or powdered ranch dressing mix]
1/4 cup salsa [optional]
grated parmesan [optional]
seasonings [garlic powder, salt, pepper, chili powder, cayenne, smoked
paprika etc.]

Ingredients for Toppings
green onions
red onion
peppers [red, green, yellow, or orange]
shredded Mexican cheese [optional]

1) Put cream cheese in mixing bowl and allow to soften slightly.
2) Unroll crescent rolls and spread onto baking sheet.  Distribute as evenly as possible and seal all seams.
3) Bake crescent rolls according to package directions.  Remove from oven and allow to cool completely or until just slightly warm.
4) Add sour cream and ranch (and optional salsa) to cream cheese in several increments.  Mix thoroughly each time until desired consistency is reached (should be spreadable but not runny). 
5) Mix in optional parmsean and seasonings.  Evenly spread cheese mixture over crescent rolls.
6) Finely chop vegetables into smaller-than-bite-size pieces.  Toss together to mix well.
7) Scatter chopped vegetables over cheese mixture.  Top with shredded cheese (optional).  Gently press toppings to ensure they stay in place.
8) Cut pizza into pieces of desired size.  Refrigerate until serving.

Notes: None.

Kid Participation:
* Seal crescent roll seams
* Mix sauce ingredients together
* Spread sauce over crescent rolls
* Add toppings to pizza

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