Apple Cider Milkshakes

Original Recipe HERE
Why didn't I think of this on my own?  It's brilliantly simple.  The dairy helps tone down the tartness of the cider, but the cider kicks the boring old vanilla ice cream into "yes, this is worth blowing a good portion of my daily caloric allotment on."  My kids love these, and I'm going to have to freeze some cider so we don't have to wait until next September to have these.
If you want your milkshake rather thin but don't want such a strong cider taste, I'm sure some milk could be added for consistency purposes.
vanilla ice cream
apple cider
ground cinnamon [optional]
(1) Add ice cream and cider to blender in whatever ration you prefer.
(2) Blend.  Adjust consistency by adding more ice cream or more cider.  Repeat until desired thickness is reached.
(3) Add cinnamon to taste.  Blend.
Kid Participation: Ask for one every day after getting home from school.

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