Sweet & Spicy Cucumber Slices

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This recipe is one of those that's well-suited to serving during the summer: little effort required, refreshingly crisp and cool, and it can sit out at a barbecue for a few hours without worry of spoilage or deterioration of quality.

I didn't use the full amount of red pepper flakes that the original recipe called for since I was hoping my kids would eat it - and generally the less heat, the better.  Also, I didn't reduce the marinade to 1/3 cup because it had already cooked well past 10 minutes and I was getting impatient.  I'd say I had at least 1/2 of a cup.

I could've eaten the entire batch of this myself, in one sitting.  However, I purposely saved some for the next day to see how it would hold up.  It was noticeably watered down - but still very edible.  Next time I will do more to drain (sweat?) the cucumbers and press as much water out as possible instead of simply drying them.  And reducing the marinade to the instructed amount would probably help with that as well.

1-1/2 lbs cucumber [I used 3]
2 tsp kosher salt
1/2 cup rice vinegar [I used 1/4 cup rice and 1/4 cup red wine]
1/2 cup water
3 Tablespoons sugar
1/8 tsp red pepper flakes
one slice of red onion

(1) Peel cucumber.  Cut in half lengthwise; slice into 1/4" pieces.
(2) Place cucumber slices in a colander sitting over a bowl.  Sprinkle with salt; toss well. Let sit for 1 hour refrigerated. Toss several times while draining.
(3) Meanwhile, combine vinegar, water, sugar and red pepper in a small saucepan; bring to a boil. Reduce heat, cook until reduced to a 1/3 cup (about 10 minutes). 
(4) While marinade is reducing, finely chop onion to make 2 tablespoons.
(5) Remove marinade from heat.  Add onion. Let mixture cool to room temp.
(6) Pat cucumbers dry with paper towels.  Combine them with the marinade.  For best results, refrigerate until well-chilled.  To avoid mixture becoming watered down, serve the same day it is made.

Kid Participation: None.

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