Roasted Plantains

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The touch of summery weather we've recently had has made me nostalgic for our days living in Key West.  The fabulous Cuban restaurants we'd eat at always served plantains on the side.  I saw some at the grocery store and grabbed them, determined to create a little bit of the Conch Republic in my own kitchen.

These turned out really well and, as expected, the kids gobbled them up.  I cooked them on slightly higher heat than I probably should have, so there was some blackening on a few.  Next time I'll use a lower-heat-for-longer approach and perhaps sprinkle a little brown sugar on them.

As many large, ripe (black on the peel) plantains as you want
cooking oil (not olive)

(1) Add enough oil to large skillet to cover the bottom.
(2) Heat oil on medium heat
(3) In the meantime, peel plantains.  Cut on the diagonal to make 1/4" thick slices.
(4) Add plantain slices to pan.  Cook several minutes on each side until dark golden brown.

Kid Participation: None, other than *N* having the distinction of being a Key West native.

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