Potato Salad with Montreal Steak Seasoning

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My mom's recipe is still my all-time favorite potato salad.  However, hers requires Miracle Whip, which I never use except to make that one recipe.  I don't like buying the jar just to use one third of it before it goes bad, nor have I been motivated enough to look for what I'm sure are thousands of other recipes I could use the rest for.  So I rarely make it and have tried a myriad of other potato salad recipes instead.  I've learned I don't like the hot (German?) styles, nor the vinegar-based.  I guess in my head, potato salad must have mayonnaise (or a close equivalent) to be authentic.

So I was excited to try this recipe, and it didn't disappoint.  I had all the ingredients already, so it was easy to throw together.  Everyone in my family happily ate it (although the kids dipped their potato pieces in ketchup, but that was expected...they dip grapes in it, as well, and swirl it into their yogurt...gag).  I had leftovers the next day and realized it tastes even better the next day - I guess so the seasoning has had time to really incorporate (if that's the word) into the mayonnaise.

2 to 3 pounds Yukon Gold potatoes
3 to 4 eggs
3 stalks green onions
1 to 2 stalks celery [optional]
1/2 to 3/4 cup mayonnaise
1/2 Tablespoon Montreal Steak Seasoning [or to taste]

(1) Peel and halve potatoes.  Place in cold, salted water with eggs.
(2) Bring to a boil and cook for 12 minutes.
(3) Remove eggs and add to ice bath. Boil potatoes a few minutes more or until a knife can be inserted into the potato without resistance. [I found they didn't need any further cooking than the 12 minutes]
(4) Remove potatoes from heat. Drain and chill.
(5) When cooled, slice potatoes and eggs into bite-sized pieces [I only used half the yolks].
(6) Slice green onions and celery.  Add to potatoes and eggs.
(7) Thoroughly combine mayonnaise and steak seasoning.  Pour over potato mixture.  Gently stir together all ingredients and refrigerate until use.

Notes: My eggs turned out perfectly cooked, though two had some splits in the shells.  I may try poking holes in the larger end next time before cooking (would this require instead adding them once the water is already boiling?).

Kid Participation: None, really.

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